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DIY outdoor wlan antenna mesh cast


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The deployment of wireless networks, the connection point when the distance. Signal will become very weak. I have a wireless bridge, one end of the rod using the outdoor wlan antenna, one end of the use of common desktop wlan antenna, placed outside the window air-conditioning machine.

2 AP from several hundred meters in the central few more trees became higher, a serious reduction of the WIFI signal strength, distal weak to 5dB SNR up and down recently, but once the wind shaking the tree, the signal still is not serious stable, so my wireless bridge rather unstable. Can only run almost the speed of the 1-2M.

To address this problem, I consider the use of gain wlan antennas to replace the ordinary desktop wlan antenna. But check the Internet price of an ordinary cast WIFI wlan antenna with mesh to be the most expensive 6 ~ 700 RMB, there is this big guy is probably enough to choke up mail.

Recall the e-university elective courses, in fact parabolic wlan antenna theory is not complicated, like the solar cooker as the focusing of electromagnetic wave wlan antenna position, while the focus directed projection of electromagnetic waves emitted out.

 As long as the realization of a metal cast net surface, calculate the focus position, and to my original common external wlan antenna fixed to the focal point, and finally to throw the other end face of potential AP position on it.

Said a pound, I chose a very simple program to achieve parabolic ......

I went to the roof, everywhere there is a forest of television wlan antennas, and most have since been dropped in the cable ..... We all know that I want to do the right ..

I cut off the signal lines that have been found in the abandoned wlan antenna a better fineness, net surface larger wlan antenna. Started making my WIFI gain wlan antenna.

Materials: old TV wlan antenna with a reflector network 1, 1 yuan to buy the thin wire, 60 per desktop, a general WIFI wlan antenna, a number of sealing tape, a pair of pliers, a screwdriver.

First, I put the wlan antenna according to their own (outside the window air-conditioning box) the size of the ratio a bit.

Then use the screwdriver removed the excess part of the wlan antenna, leaving only the reflector and the axis. Certainly, in the removed wlan antenna on the receiver (the original line of incoming signals TV devices) time to stay in mind and remember its position, which is the focus of a paraboloid reflector is placed after the receiver's local WIFI .

Then I put the wlan antenna axis in the balcony railing broken most of the use of leverage, then use the left axis of the screw holes and screws under demolition, made a link in the axis of the stent, with subsequent reflector, the wlan antenna so you can stand up.

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